Eric Daane

Principal Timpani

Photograph of Eric Daane

Eric Daane is a freelance percussionist in the Seattle area. He is currently principal timpanist for the Sammamish Symphony Orchestra, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, the Microsoft Symphony and the Seattle Festival Orchestra. Some of the other ensembles he has performed with include the Spokane Symphony, Bellevue Philharmonic, Tacoma Symphony, Mid-Columbia Symphony, Rainier Symphony, Orchestra Seattle, Brass Band Northwest, Washington Wind Symphony, Northwest Mahler Festival Orchestra and many more.

Eric is also a member of the Raging River Brass.

Eric Studied Music Education at Washington State University.


The principal is generally responsible for leading the section and playing orchestral solos.

Timpani Section

Photograph of Timpani

Timpani, or kettledrums, are in the percussion family. A type of drum, they consist of a skin called a head stretched over a large bowl traditionally made of copper. They are played by striking the head with a specialized drum stick called a timpani stick or timpani mallet. Timpani evolved from military drums to become a staple of the classical orchestra by the last third of the 18th century.