Joyce Sanford


Joyce Sanford studied music education at the Crane School of Music, SUNY College Potsdam, NY.  During college she was an administrative assistant to Brock McElheran, who conducted the Crane Chorus and the Saratoga-Potsdam Choral Institute.  After college Joyce lived in Germany for 3 years, and played cello in a string quartet.  Joyce played cello in a chamber orchestra for 4 years, while her husband, John, was in seminary near Chicago.

Joyce spends a lot of time researching and listening, to find good recordings of classical music.  Her favorite composers are J. S. Bach, Mozart, Dvorak, Brahms, Schumann, Sibelius and Mendelssohn.

Joyce enjoys being in the San Juan Islands, and the Inner Hebrides and Orkney Islands of Scotland.  Sometimes she travels with her twin sister, Joan.

Joyce also sings in the Kirkland Choral Society.


The strings of a modern symphony orchestra make up the largest family of instruments in the orchestra. This family is made up of five sections consisting of first violins, second violins, violas, cellos and basses.